Our Shop stocks a wide range of camping equipment and outdoor related goods, including a range of spear fishing equipment. This page is intended to give an overview of the range.


Alf Benjamin

Owner, General Manager, Tent Design

Evlyn Benjamin

Owner, Buyer, Admin

Lennox Tshayingwe

Operations Manager

Siyanda Mpofu

Shop Floor Manager

Exterior of our building

Spear Fishing

Spear guns, dive weights, floats ect

General goods

Picnic Blankets, Fold & roll up matresses ect

Geneal goods

Cadac gas cylynders, gas heaters, hiking socks ect

General goods

Nuseal, Toilet chemicals, waterproof pouches ect

General goods

Headlamps, torches ,rachet straps, strech cords etc

General goods

Potjie pots, enamel ,melamine & S/S plates,bowls &cups,hammocks etc

General goods

Smoker, cobb cooker,portable stove ,coffee perculators etc

General goods

Jerry cans, camping kettles,frying pans, hurricane lanterns etc

General goods

First Ascent hiking,cycling,runing&camping gear ,sunglasses etc

General goods

Backpacks (Vaude,Red mountain &North ridge),walking sticks,ammo boxes etc

General goods

Picnic blankets,beach umbrellas,hats,maps, mattresses(fold&roll up)etc

General goods

tents,camping chairs&tables,braai accessories,camping cupboards etc